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Staff NameQualificationDesignationDepartmentDetails
M.A., M.L.I.S., M.Phil., Ph.D., College Librarian & Head General Library View
M.A., M.A.(Eng.), M.L.I.S., M.Phil., PGDCA, Library Assistant General Library View

The Library including the general and department libraries contain more than one lakh volumes and about 3,000 volumes are added every year. The Professors concerned are in charge of the department libraries and books are issued according to the special rule framed by them.

General Library

  1. The general library is under the direct supervision of the Principal
  2. The use of the library is open to all the members of the college.
  3. Library is open every working day from 8:25 am to 1:30 pm.
  4. Develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility.
  5. Books of reference can be consulted only on formal application. When returning these books students shall take back their consultation slips. Otherwise, the borrower will be held responsible for the books.
  6. Students of all classes may borrow books.
  7. Periodicals placed on the reading room tables should on no account be removed from there and they should not in any way be mishandled.
  8. Students using the library are prohibited from engaging in conversation or conducting themselves in any manner calculated to disturb or distract the attention of readers. Failure to observe the rule will lead to severe disciplinary action.
  9. No person shall write upon, damage or mark on any book belonging to the library.
  10. Readers shall be responsible for any damage or injury done to the books or other property belonging to the library and shall be required to replace such books or other property damaged or injured or to pay the value thereof. If one book of a set is damaged the whole set should be replaced.
  11. Date labels and packets should not be tampered with. Serious notice will be taken in case of any violation of this rule.
  12. Each member shall be given as many numbers of tickets as the number of volumes he is entitled to borrow from the library at a time. A book will be lent to a member only in exchange for one of his tickets which will be handed back to the member when he returns the book, unless, it is returned after the due date, in which case the ticket will be handed back only after the overdue charge is paid. Tickets are not transferable.
  13. Students changing groups of class in the middle of a term should immediately notify the Graduate Librarian so that such transfers may duly be recorded in the Library registers.
  14. All tickets should be returned to the Library by students leaving the college. A fee of INR (₹) 2 will be charged for such tickets lost and for the issue of a duplicate; a member will also be held responsible for the books borrowed on the tickets lost by him/her.
  15. No transfer certificate or conduct certificate will be issued to a student until all the books and tickets are returned and other dues outstanding against him/her discharged.
  16. A member who has lost a ticket shall make a written report of the same to the Graduate Librarian.
  17. A fortnight should lapse after the date of such notice before a duplicate is issued. During the period, the member should attempt to trace and recover the ticket and he/she should report at the end of the period the result of his/her endeavours.

Conditions for loan of Books and Periodicals

  1. Before leaving the counter the member should satisfy himself/ herself if the book lent to him is in good condition and if it not, he/she should immediately bring the matter to the notice of the Graduate Librarian or the Assistants. Otherwise he/she will be liable for the replacement of the book by a new copy.
  2. Dictionaries and books which might be difficult to replace and such other books as may be declared reference books shall not be lent out.
  3. Members are not allowed to sub-lend the books of the library.
  4. All the books on loan should be returned at the expiration of a fortnight from the date of issue.
  5. In the case of books for which there is an exceptional demand the period of loan may be reduced to seven days.
  6. The Graduate Librarian may recall any books at any time even if the normal period of the loan has not expired.
  7. If a book is not returned to the library on the due date, an overdue charge of six paise per volume per working day will be levied.

    - No other reader had applied for the book in the meantime: and

    - Not more than three consecutive renewals are made for the same book

  8. A member against whom any overdue or other charge is outstanding will not get back his tickets or borrow books or take his certificates until he has paid the amount due.
  9. The library staff will be pleased to assist the readers in the selection of materials for their study.
  10. Students can also borrow books pertaining to their subjects from their departmental library.