of our College

Goal and Objective

  1. To provide quality sustained essential higher education at all times adapting to changing environment for a meaningful and self-supporting life to the economically poor and socially under-privileged sections of the society.
  2. To provide value based education to inculcate a sense of responsibility, patriotism, social awareness and to become a good citizen of the country.
  3. To Provide technical skills and knowledge and to meet the challenges and competencies among students.
  4. To identify the potentialities and encourage active and quality research useful for the development of the society and the nation.


Admission & Withdrawal

  1. Candidate for admission in the First Year of Three Year Degree Course must furnish the evidence that they have passed the qualifying examination. A candidate seeking admission into the college, who has previously studied in any affiliated college will not be admitted unless he/she produces a transfer certificate from the college where he/she studied last, showing:

    - The name of the students in full.

    - The date of birth as entered in the admission register.

    - The class in which he/she studied at the time of leaving it.

    - The subject or portion thereof studied by him/her while on the rolls.

    - If annual promotion has taken place whether he/she was qualified for promotion to the higher classes; and

    - That he/she has paid all the fees or other money due to the institution for the last semester attended.Students who are found to have obtained admission by false representations will be summarily with forfeiture of all fees paid.

    Students are not ordinary admitted except at the beginning of the first of their degree course.

  2. No Student will be enrolled or permitted to attend the classes until the fees due from him/her has been paid. A students will not be enrolled or admitted after the beginning of a term until he/she has paid all the fees which he/she would have had to pay had he/she joined at the beginning of the term.
  3. Student who apply for Transfer Certificate and Conduct Certificate within a period of one year after completing the course in the college will be granted such Certificate free of cost. Those who apply for such certificate after the lapse of one year from the date on which they left the college will have to pay a penal fee of Rs.3 for each Certificate.
  4. Students who apply for a duplicate copy of the Transfer Certificate or the Conduct Certificate within a period of one year after completing the course in the college will have to pay a fee of Re. One. If he/she applies after one year, for such a Certificate a penal fee of Rs. 3 will be collected in addition to Re. 1 for the duplicate copy.

    If a student leaves the college at the end of an academic year he/she still receive the attendance certificate required by a the University when he/she applied for it and is entitled to it.

Tutorial System

Each student of the college will be assigned as ward to a member of the reaching staff. Students will meet their respective tutors outside their regular class hours, as and when they are asked to do so for personal advice and guidance. Attendance at the tutorials or any other Certificate shall be routed to the Principal through the tutors and the Heads of the Departments, Otherwise no notice will be taken of the applications. Tutors will closely watch the progress of the students in the studies, regularity in attendance and behavior in the College and outside. The Principal will take serious action if any adverse remarks are received from the tutors against any of their wards.

Dress & Behaviour

  1. The students must carry identify card in the college campus. Every students should wear clean, decent and respectable dress.
  2. The identify card should be displayed prominently.
  3. The Students must Carry identity card in college campus.
  4. Every Student should salute the members of the teaching staff on the occasion of his/her meeting them for the day within in the college precincts.
  5. On the member of the staff entering the class-room, the students should rise and remain standing till he/she has taken his/her seat.
  6. No Student should leave the class-room without the permission of the Professor. Also the students should not leave the class before the Professor’s departure
  7. Students should not make any noise while moving from one class-room to another class-room. With a view to avoid disturbance to the classes, students are required not to use the corridors expect when moving at the beginning of a period from one class-room too another.
  8. Every Student should carry his/her identify card and it should be shown on demand by any members of the teaching staff.
  9. The central stair-case in the main block near the Clock Tower will be used by the members of the staff, women students and visitors only. The two stair-cases on either end of the main block will be used by men students. The stairs in the science departments shall be used by the students who have to work in the respective departments.
  10. No Student is permitted to smoke within the college precincts.
  11. Students should not participate in party or communal politics.
  12. The Principal may impose the following punishments in the interest of the students and the institution:

    - Fines

    - Cancelling of attendance

    - Withholding of term certificate

    - Suspension and Expulsion.

Attendance & Leave ofAbsence

  • No Students will be allowed to absent himself/herself from the college without reason for which a leave application must be made beforehand to the Principal or the Professor through the tutor as the case may require on a form provided for the purpose .Applications may be made to the heads of the Departments of the main subjects of the Students. In case, absence is due to unforeseen cause an application for leave must be submitted as soon as possible not later than the first day of return to the college. In case sickness extending over more than three days, the Principal, if he thinks it necessary, may require the production of medical certificate.
  • Application for leave from a Student residing in hostel must be countersigned by the Warden of the Hostel.
  • If a Student absents himself/herself for a week without leave, his/her name will be struck off the rolls, unless he/she that her/his failure to obtain leave was unavoidable.
  • A Student who absents himself/herself without leave during any one hour of the day will be regarded as absent for the whole day.
  • A Student entering a classes after the roll call must bring the fact of his presence to the professor taking the class. He/she will be marked late and three late marks within a week count as a half a-day’s absence.
  • The annual Certificate of attendance will not be granted unless (1) the Principal is satisfied that the students’ progress and conduct have been satisfactory (2) the student has attended three fourths of the number of working days in the academic year.
  • The following are the attendance requirements for all kinds of scholarship holders viz., residential and non-residential relating to pre and post-metric studies awarded both by the Dravidar Tribal Welfare and Backward Class Departments and for the fee concessions.

    - The scholarship/fee concession is sanctioned subject to 75 percent attendance by students.

    - Failure to secure 75 percent attendance would result in the cancellation of the scholarship for the next year.

    - Students studying in first year should have put in 75 percent attendance in the preceding year. However, where a student is unable to produce proof of 75 percent attendance would mean attendance from the commencement of the current year course till the date of release of first installment of the scholarship.

    - For students other than first year, they would have acquired attendance of 75 percent in the preceding year.

    - For students in final year, scholarship will be sanctioned as per the rules subject to 75 percent attendance in the previous year by the student concerned and also subject to 75 percent attendance from the beginning of the final year of the course till the date of release of the instalment of the scholarship by the Principal that year.