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Centre for Counseling Services - An extension of the Dept. of Psychology ‘VANAVIL’, is an extension of the Department of Psychology, Presidency College, Chennai-5, is a center that promotes the mental health of the students of the college. It not only aims to provide counseling services to the psychological problems faced by the students but also works towards the enhancement of their personal growth and facilitates maximization of the inner potential. Objectives of the Center 1. To help student manage and cope with their various psychological problems through individual and group counseling, peer counseling and Para-professional (teacher) counseling. 2. To equip them with competencies to face the challenges of life through life skills training. 3. To enable them to make well-informed educational and vocational choices through career counseling. 4. To instill the sense of personal responsibility towards the prevention of various psychosocial problems such as human trafficking, addictions to drugs, abuse etc. 5. To partner with various organizations in field of mental health towards improving the psychological well being of our students and the community at large.

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Dr. SUJARITHA MAGDALIN Psychology Organizer View
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Dr.H.SAI GEETHA Psychology Member View
Miss.A.MALARKODI Psychology Member View
Mrs.M.S.SUJAMANI Psychology Member View