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Soft Skill Training centre was inaugurated in the year 2013 with the support of TANSCHE and Government of Tamilnadu. A sophisticated training centre was developed in the college campus. The Soft Skill Training Centre is well furnished. It is equipped with a desk top computer, LCD Projector and Internet facility. Initially each and every Staff member of the college was trained by Soft Skill Professionals. Till now hundreds of students from both U.G and P.G stream got trained by the professors from our college and various other colleges. Industrialists were also invited as Resource Persons.

Soft Skill Training
Staff NameDepartmentDesignationDetails
Co-ordinator View
Dr.S.JAYAKUMAR Zoology Member View
Dr.M.SINGANAN Chemistry Member View
Dr.J.KARTHIKEYAN Zoology Member View
Dr.M.G.EBBIE Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology Member View
Mr. R. SIVAKUMAR Political Science Member View