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Scholarships & Prizes

  1. A certain number of scholarships tenable for the B.A., B.Sc., B.Com., M.A., M.Sc., M.Com., M.C.A., classes are awarded by the college Council on grounds of merit to the students who are in need of financial help.
  2. The amount of each scholarship is ordinarily limited to the amount of fee due from the scholar or half of it.
  3. The number of College Scholarships at any time is limited to four percent of the strength of the college.
  4. The scholarships are awarded in the first instance for a year and ordinarily last still the end of the course. They may be withdrawn at the direction of the Principal.

Government Scholarships

Every year a few scholarships are awarded by Government to deserving students of junior classes which are ordinarily continued to the senior classes. The value of the scholarships is ₹ 20 and ₹ 24 per month tenable for 9 months in a year.

Scholarship under the Excess Fees Income Scheme

A Certain number of scholarships of value equal to half of the amount of college fees are awarded annually on grounds of merit and poverty. These scholarships will not be awarded to students who are in receipt of any other concession or scholarship.

Various Scholarships sanctioned by
he Director of Collegiate Education, Chennai – 600 006.

I. National Merit Scholarship – Government of India Scheme

A fixed number of National Scholarship are sanctioned to students belonging to this state who are prosecuting their studies in 11th, 12th Degree and Professional Colleges. The selection of candidates is made based on the S.S.L.C 12th and U.G results. The lists of students are obtained based on the merit from the examining bodies. Students, who satisfy the test, are awarded scholarship every month and those who do not satisfy are paid a prize amount of ₹ 100 and a Merit Certificate, provided they are not in receipt of any other scholarship. Their annual income should not exceed INR (₹) 25,000.

II. State Scholarship to Children of School Teachers

Children of School Teachers are awarded Scholarship provided their parental income does not exceed INR (₹) 12,000. Standard Applications are invited through Daily Newspapers and the applications received are consolidated and a Merit list is drawn up. A fixed number of scholarships alone are available for ward from XI Standard to end of professional courses of studies.

III. State Government Merit Scholarship Scheme

The student who secures the first place in X standard, Matriculations, A.I.S.L.C., C.B.S.C., and A.S.S.S.. Examinations are awarded this scholarship irrespective of parental income. The scholarship are awarded from XI standard till their studies in the professional courses of studies.

IV. Freedom Fighters Scholarships

Students whose parents have participated in the emancipation of India and have undergone three months imprisonment are eligible for the award of this scholarship scheme besides fee concessions for their studies in colleges and professional courses of studies.

V. Children of Defense Service Personnel

Children or dependents of service personnel and ex-serviceman are awarded scholarship and fee concessions subject to certain terms and conditions.

VI. The Children of Repatriates from Sri Lanka

Children of Repatriates from Sri Lanka studying in colleges are warded scholar ship and fee concessions subject to certain terms and conditions.

VII. The children of Repatriates from Burma

Children of Repatriates from Burma studying in Colleges are awarded scholarships and fee concessions subject to certain terms and conditions.

VIII. National Loan Scholarship

This is a merit-cum-means based scholarship. The parental income should not exceed INR (₹) 12,000 per annum. Applications are invited every year by notifications in leading dailies.

IX. Ad-hoc Merit Grant Scheme

300 is sanctioned to students belonging to S.C / S.T. and Converted Christians and studying the first-degree course after passing Higher Secondary Examinations in the first attempt securing not less than 60% of aggregate marks. There is no income limit and further renewals.

X. State Collegiate Scholarship

Under this head, the following Scholarship is being sanctioned.

  • General
  • Post – Graduate
  • Special for languages (Tamil and Telugu)
  • Special for Muslims
  • Special for Widows
  • Special for Oriental Learning
  • Special in Queen Mary’s College and
  • Awards of Anglo Indian Scholarships.

Students who do not get any other scholarship and whose parent’s income is below INR (₹) 6,000 per annum can apply to anyone of the eligible scholarship through their principals. A sum of 270 INR per annum will be sanctioned except serial No. 6 for which INR (₹) 135 will be sanctioned.

XI. Scholarship for Post-Metric Studies in Hindi

Scholarships are awarded to students who purpose their studies in Hindi whose mother tongue is not Hindi.

Note: For details regarding any of the scholarship the College office may be contacted.